The Wilster Apparel Group is a privately held company, that has been in business for over 5 years and is headquartered in Seattle Washington. With other offices in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and our London and Hong kong offices opening June of 2012, we are where our clients are, where the talent is and where the goods are manufactured.

We are a family of talented, hard-working, dedicated and driven individuals. Our goals are to create, produce and deliver, well designed, excellent fitting, high quality woman's fashion, quickly, accurately and at a price that rings the register.

Our retail partners experience sell-through's in the double digits spanning 138 weeks. With this excellent track record, our stores love working with us.

A fast paced research and development department with designers, merchants and technicians, sampling more than 20 new styles a day, we are always on trend with new fabrics, yarns, silhouettes, colors and prints.

We are your exclusive in-house fashion brand without the headache of managing a team. We focus on your business and your consumer maximizing what you are selling from us, with speedy reorders, replenishment programs and updates that are sure to sell.

We give you the margin you want, the delivery you want and the price you want within reason. We are your partner.

Our expertise and focus is in fully-fashioned sweaters, tops, blouses, and dresses in both knit and woven fabrics. Our collections are targeted to both the contemporary customer and fashionably mature woman. We do petites and plus sizes too.

The following registered trademarks are part of the The Wilster Apparel Group stable of brands... Wilster, Wyl, Wyton, Remain, Payton, Current affair, Felicity & Coco and LMK. Each of these brands are exclusive to one retailer.

Our volume exceeded 19 million in 2011.